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RF+Ultrasound Fat Burning Slimming Machine
  • RF+Ultrasound Fat Burning Slimming Machine
  • RF+Ultrasound Fat Burning Slimming Machine

RF+Ultrasound Fat Burning Slimming Machine

Voltage: AC220V
Power: 300W
Size: 53*41*40
Product Description:

RF+Ultrasound Fat Burning Slimming Machine utilizes the technology of ultrasonic unipolar radio frequency, its radio frequency energy accurately achieves different operating depths in vivo, and the heat uniformly distributes to make adipocyte apoptosis. By applying the collagen regeneration technology, it can effectively stimulate the proliferation of collagen and elastin in vivo to construct a new collagen fiber network to eliminate local accumulation of fat. Fat, tighten up the role of facial contour, to lighten the fine lines. The operation is safe and reliable, and there is no need for recovery period, and no rebound. You can achieve the effect of skin tightening and body shaping while you are under the safe operation.

BLT fat knife function
Shaping arms: tighten hand muscles, say good bye to butterfly sleeves
Shaping the waist and belly: say good bye to the big belly and shaping a vest line
Shaping buttocks: pull hip curve, and build up a good butt.
Shaping legs: tighten leg muscles and make legs straight and slim
Forehead treatment: improve wrinkles and tighten skin
Orbital treatment: improve fine line and eye bags
Chin treatment: improve face and lift double chin
Neck treatment: relax muscle, make you feel comfortable and decrease the pressure
Ultrasonic thermos plastic principle of fat reduction: radio frequency: thermal action; ultrasound

1. Fat knife ultrasound thermoplastics combine unipolar radio frequency (RF) system with ultrasound energy in the same head. Under the condition of not destroying skin, blood vessel and nerve, the mechanical effect of ultrasound promotes the separation of adipocyte mass and enables radio frequency to be transmitted to adipose tissue to dissolve adipocytes and metabolism. At this time, ultrasound can enter the adipocyte wall, so that the adipocyte solution quickly enters the skin system will be excreted with urine outside the body;

2. The heat generated by radio frequency can enter adipocytes to separate and die. At the same time, the heat generated by radio frequency can tighten collagen tissue and promote a large number of collagen cells. At the same time, it can repair damaged and broken fibrous tissue to achieve the effect of skin tightening. Fat particles accumulate over time to form stubborn adipose mass, just like one big stone. If you want to remove the big stone, you can hit the stones to pieces and sent them out one by one. The cellulite is like a big stone, the mechanical effect of the supersonic wave can act deep in the fat and hit into pieces the cellulite. At the same time, supersonic sound wave carries the heat of super-pole radio frequency to adipose tissue to dissolve and metabolize adipocytes, so as to achieve the effect of dissolution and beauty.

3. Adipocytes are mainly dissolved into three compounds: water, glycerin and fatty acids. Fatty acids are accelerated by radiofrequency heating and are absorbed and converted into energy by the liver. Fat knife has no adverse reactions to the body during the whole process of dispersing, separating and metabolizing fat, and it can also provide fatty acids to the human body. Fat knife can break and disperse adipose mass, at the same time, solve the root cause of obesity. That is, the volume and area of adipose mass, and then accelerate dissolution and metabolism through radio frequency.

Advantage of fat knife
  • 1. "Ultrasound + Super pole radio frequency";
  • 2. Dissolve and tighten skin without any trauma. Six layers of subcutaneous fat knife can not only dissolve and metabolize fat, but also stimulate subcutaneous collagen, so that collagen cells can repair and tighten skin. In clinic, many customers will be concerned about that there will be uneven or partial loosening problems in surgical or other types of medical and aesthetic technology, and BTL fat knife can completely avoid these risks.
  • 3. Temperature controlled stratified dissolution technology (semiconductor cooling system) has a cold and constant temperature test on the head when operating. It can measure the temperature of your subcutaneous and epidermis, and operate under absolutely acceptable skin conditions.
Suitable for both commercial and household
According to the thickness of the fat, it sets the depth of treatment, multiple degree adjustment, and has an accurate effect of beauty both on the face and body.
The high energy beauty therapy head can achieve the beauty treatment temperature quickly, and the effect is faster and better. Security
Continuously test the contact between the beauty instrument head and skin, automatically eliminate the peak energy and improve the efficiency and safety.
No trauma
Get to the fat layer through radiofrequency and ultrasound directly, skip the epidermis with no trauma. Painless
The patient can leave as long as the treatment is completed, which is fast and effective. This process is comfortable and painless. No need for nursing in the later stage.

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