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The 1st Upright LED light Skin Beauty Instrument
  • The 1st Upright LED light Skin Beauty Instrument

The 1st Upright LED light Skin Beauty Instrument

It is an anti-aging beauty instrument for removing spots, wrinkles, and acne and improving melanin.
1. Product introduction

It is an anti-aging beauty instrument for removing spots, wrinkles, and acne and improving melanin.

2. Operating principle

Photodynamic nursing therapy is a new technology that uses photodynamic reaction to maintain and improve skin. It can be transformed into intracellular energy, accelerate cell growth and blood circulation, stimulating fibroblast to produce collagen and increasing skin elasticity. It plays an important role in repairing aging skin, acne skin, reducing spots, lifting and tightening, relieving sunburn skin and so on.

3. Applicable scope

For each type of skin

4. Efficacy
Main efficacy
1) Whiten, lighten spots, tenderize skin, remove wrinkles, repair damaged skin, smooth fine wrinkles, shrink pores, and proliferate collagen.
  • a. Blue light: With a wavelength of 470nm, it has the effect of rapidly inhibiting inflammation. In the process of formation, propionibacterium is the main culprit, and blue light can damage the bacteria without damaging the skin tissue, greatly reducing its formation. In addition, it can significantly reduce the inflammation period to cure in a very short time. The recommended course of treatment: once every 3 days for 15 minutes.
  • b. Purple light: It's a double frequency of red and blue light. It combines that efficacy of two kinds of light, especially in the aspect of cure and acne removing marks.
  • c. Yellow light: The wavelength is 590nm, which can replenish energy for skin cells, promote the function of glands, assist in the treatment of skin diseases, and enhance the immune function.
  • d. Green light: With a wavelength of 525nm, it can be used for neutralization, balance and comfort, relieve mental tension, and effectively dredge lymphatic and drainage edema.
  • e. Orange light: It can enhance cellular energy step by step and promote metabolism.
  • f. Laser light: It can penetrate deep into the skin, accelerate the aging metabolism of active tissue, decompose stains, and remove tiny wrinkles and loose skin.
2) It can be used to treat the symptoms of aging, sagging pores, large pores, and wrinkles. It can also improve the poor metabolism and the yellow and gray color of skin and repair the damaged skin. It is effective in treating the oily skin with the swelling and the striations, as well as the function of whitening, facial moisturizing, face sculpting, chin reduction and double chin removing cheekbone sculpting, and cheek tightening. What is more, it will remove eye circles, black bags, eye wrinkles, etc.
5. Technical parameters
  • Function:Anti-aging, Wrinkle removal, Lightening spots, Red and Blue light
  • Color:White
  • Level:Adjustable
  • Size:74*63.5*114cm
  • Applicable scope for the person:General
6. Accessory introduction
  • 1. Electronic liquid handle: Depending on the customer's care needs, the product is injected with different products. The main function is to tap into the molecular structure inside the cells so that the skin open completely. After the product penetrates into the skin through the electronic liquid handle, it moves smoothly back and forth on the skin surface in a circular motion.
  • 2. Small photon handle: It can whiten and tenderize skin, decompose melanin, improve or remove various facial blemishes. Small photon handle can be attached to the face of the slow-moving irradiation.
  • 3. Lifting bar: It activates the release of energy of skin cells by using positive and negative micro-current so that the fiber cells can quickly synthesize collagen and restore the original elasticity and firmness. The skin muscles are stimulated to increase the tension of the skin, thereby eliminating the wrinkles, preventing the aging of the skin, restoring the elasticity of the skin, and facial enhancement.
  • 4. Eyes beautifying tip: It exercises and tightens eye muscles, enhances the elasticity of eye muscles, reduces eye wrinkles, tightens eye bags, relieves eye fatigue and lightens dark circles. It can also regulate cells to increase blood flow, promote the metabolism of the skin and the ability to break down the fat to achieve the permeability of the skin.
7. Announcements
  • 1) If the skin has a wound, avoid the wound or do not.
  • 2) People with epilepsy are forbidden
  • 3) Heart disease patients (such as arrhythmia), especially with pacemakers are prohibited
  • 4) It is forbidden for cancer patients
  • 5) It is forbidden for patients with infectious diseases
  • 6) Do not have any metal in your body\

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