Water Oxygen Cell Dialysis Instrument
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Water Oxygen Bubble Cleaning Series
Water Oxygen Cell Dialysis Instrument
  • Water Oxygen Cell Dialysis Instrument
  • Water Oxygen Cell Dialysis Instrument

Water Oxygen Cell Dialysis Instrument

Product Description:

Cell dialysis therapy combines skin fluoroscopy and skin treatment, which promotes the whole beauty industry to a new height. It solve the skin problems more intuitively and more thoroughly. New principles, new functions break traditional concepts, new high end beauty equipment bring you a new feeling and wholehearted care, and set off an unprecedented climax in the beauty industry all over the world.

Product effect:
  • Good tightness, stimulate collagen to tighten skin.
  • Good whitening, inhibit melanin and generate a white and tender skin.
  • Good moisture retention, absorb moisture from the air to supplement skin.
  • Good repair function, repair the sensitive and damaged skin.
Product functions:
  • Cell Dialysis Instrument, Detection/Compact/Anti-Aging/ Eliminate edema, Ultrasound Infiltration, Gene Anti-Aging, Skin Detection, Compact and Bright, Seven Upgraded Editions
  • Applies the principle of point piercing and electro osmosis.
  • Completely change the whole skin from the epidermis to the basement by using the technology of double effect carrier current and thermal shock energy effect ultra-low temperature controlled repair.
Product accessories
Ice seal Head:

With the help of the alternation of cold and heat from outside, the essence and curative effect of the product can be maximized so that the nutrients can penetrate rapidly between the skin base and dermis, decompose and inhibit melanin. At the same time, it can supply a large amount of water and nutrients and improve the elasticity of collagen fibers. By using of the alternation of cold and heat, it can achieve the physical effect of ice therapeutic rehydration, deep water lock, ice therapy anti-allergy, removing red blood silk, enhancing immunity, ice therapy catalysis and high absorption and controlling oil by ice therapy and compacting skin.

Eye covering:

Exercise and tighten eye muscles, enhance the elasticity of eye muscles, reduce eye wrinkles, tighten eye bags, relieve eye fatigue, and reduce dark circles. Regulate cell cycle, promote skin metabolism and fat decomposition, so as to achieve skin permeability.

Instrument operation process
  • 1. Plug in the power supply, turn on the power switch. If the indicator light of the power switch is on, then it indicates that the power of the instrument has been turned on.
  • 2. Connect the corresponding accessories to the corresponding output port of the main engine according to the instructions on the back of the instrument.
  • 3. Dialysis detection head: connect the monitor and check the results directly on the monitor.
  • 4. Microwave Head: Usually, the microwave head moves uniformly in the treatment area or slowly in a straight line. It moves slowly in a circle. The speed of movement is 0.5-2 cm per second.
  • 5. Ice seal head: Select the function key of the ice head, confirm that the panel display screen displays the letter "N", then adjust the intensity. The temperature of the ice head 01-10 can be adjusted arbitrarily. The intensity adjustment should be adjusted slowly from small to large, until the customer feels comfortable. (When the accessories are not operated, press zero, the probe cannot be empty burned)
  • 6. After the whole operation is completed, press the start/stop key first, and there is no "N" sign in the middle of the display screen, indicating that the instrument has entered the suspension state, then turn off the power supply, clean the accessories accordingly, and put them on the hanger of the instrument.
Suitable crowd
1. Improvement of facial skin
  • (1) For oily, coarse pores and thick keratin. Purify the skin, remove excess thick keratin, purify the pore, decompose grease, smooth and tighten pores, clean and smooth skin.
  • (2) For dark complexion, fatigue, pallor and edema. Active oxygen skin, accelerate oxygen absorption and improve circulation dullness.
  • (3) For the mature type, loose, water deficient, wrinkle and dry. Enhance skin tightening, tighten loose skin and supplement water in depth. Renew the skin, regenerate the cells and restore the young skin condition.
2. Eye care:
  • Eliminate dark circles, bags under the eyes, eye wrinkles and relieve edema.
Matters needing attention
  • 1. Those who have wounds in skin, then avoid wounds or do not operate.
  • 2. Those who has epilepsy are forbidden to do so.
  • 3. The patients who have heart disease (such as arrhythmia), especially those with pacemakers, are forbidden to do so.
  • 4. The patients with cancer are forbidden to do so.
  • 5. Those who have infectious diseases are forbidden to do so.
  • 6. The pregnant women are forbidden to do so.
  • 7. The patients with major surgery and diabetes are forbidden to do so.
  • 8. Those who have metals in the body are forbidden to do so.
Product parameters
  • Product Name: small molecule cell dialysis instrument
  • Product brand: JIN WEI LE
  • Product size: 50*45*130 CM
  • Product material: ABS
  • Product model: JWL-M03
  • Suitable object: beauty salon, studio, micro hospital and Project Company