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Water Oxygen Dialysis Apparatus
  • Water Oxygen Dialysis Apparatus
  • Water Oxygen Dialysis Apparatus

Water Oxygen Dialysis Apparatus

Water Oxygen Dialysis Apparatus combines RF skin tightening technology, sound wave technology, microbial current technology, photoelectric technology, skin detection technology in one.
Water Oxygen Dialysis Apparatus
1. Product title

Factory Direct Supply Moisturizing Wrinkle Removal Whitening and Tendering Skin Analysis Blackheads Suction Water Oxygen Dialysis Apparatus Beauty Instrument

2. Keywords

Bubble cleansing, Microbubble, Korean bubble cleansing, Bubble cleansing beauty instrument, Skin Cleanser, water, and oxygen bubble cleanser, Space Hydrogen and Oxygen Bubble Cleansing, Bubble cleanser for beauty salon, Facial skin management device, Blackhead suction instrument

3. Principle

Water Oxygen Dialysis Apparatus combines RF skin tightening technology, sound wave technology, microbial current technology, photoelectric technology, skin detection technology in one. It can stimulate the immediate contraction of collagen tissue under the skin to activate and regenerate collagen for a long time, so as to firm the skin, remove wrinkles and whiten and tenderize the skin. According to the principle of dialysis, the examined skin images are generated through lens acquisition and magnification, and the invisible things are displayed on the TV or computer screen for analysis, so as to draw a conclusion that the skin energy can be accurately supplemented and the aging can be delayed.

4. Application scope
1) Facial skin reforming and improving
  • a. For oily skin, bulky pores, thick cutin. It can purify the skin, remove excess thick cutin by pore purification, and grease decomposing, shrinking pores, clearing and smoothing the skin.
  • b. For dark, tired, and pale complexion: Activate the skin, accelerate oxygen absorption and improve the circulation
  • c. For maturation, relaxation, dehydration, wrinkles, and dryness of the skin: Promote firmness, tighten the loose skin and replenish moisture. Rejuvenate your skin.
2) Eyes care: For dark circles, eye bags, eye wrinkles.
5. Advantages and efficacy
1) Advantages
  • a. Simple operation of oxygen production
  • b. The multi-functional handle equipped with 8 different functions has reached the effect of whitening and tendering, pore cleaning and deep water replenishing.
  • c. Focusing IC output chip: the advanced focusing oxymeter IC output chip has greatly improved the compatibility and usability, allowing the skin to fully breathe
2) Efficacy
  • a. Moisturize, deeply clean the face, whiten the skin
  • b. Shrink pores and tighten loose skin
  • c. Remove true and false wrinkles
  • d. Repair acne, reduce melanin
  • e. Whole body reparation: Tighten and shape the neck and the back. Lift the chest. Reshape the waist, arms and the legs.
  • f. Oxygenation spray: Massage skin with pure oxygen with the essence of active concentrated ingredients. It can be used for treating pruritus, sensitive skin, neurodermatitis, contact dermatitis, wet, dark skin, light disease, etc.
6. Accessory introduction
  • 1) Dialysis detection handle: it uses a high-definition camera and high-tech computer to analyze the skin quality, and can carry out comparative microscopic examination on the customer's skin, diagnose and analyze the physiological and pathological changes of the skin, and accurately analyze the skin properties, such as skin pigment, pigmentation, blackheads, and acne.
  • 2) Oxygenation handle: With oxygen and concentrated active ingredients of the essence of the skin pure oxygen massage It can be used for treating sensitive skin, eczema, skin sore, and light disease.
  • 3) Radiofrequency handle: Radiofrequency head is mainly used to disperse the substance molecules and help them to penetrate and enter the skin smoothly. The charge with the same nature is mutually exclusive. Therefore, applying positive current to the positive electrode of the nutrient molecules can push the nutrient molecules into the skin tissue. At this time the neutral molecules also penetrate and enter the skin.
  • 4) Microwave handle: It uses high-frequency wavelengths of one light Hertz, which produce a million vibrations per second. This is a subtle stimulation that cannot be achieved by the fingers, and unlike hand massage, which only rubs the skin surface, the microwave is a gentle stimulation that penetrates deep into the skin. Using sound waves to vibrate, the tissue molecules produce heat of friction. It can make local tissue heat up and promote circulation function.
  • 5) Electronic liquid handle: It's directly responsible for the skin, and in the effect of the shock, the delicate fat layer of fat has to form a shocking hole. At the same time of the formation of the shock hole, the original new water molecules that cannot be delicate absorption will penetrate and enter the delicate part. Once the shock hole is formed, it remains open for several seconds to several minutes, depending on the length of the shock.
  • 6) Water sculpting handle: Adopting the principle of water displacement, it can quickly solve the problems of unblocked skin respiration, dry and solid cells, pollution of internal environmental water by various pigments and garbage accumulation through the treatment of internal environmental water molecules. Humanized design with different density of water carving net surface is suitable for any skin, which completely replaces the micro-carving grinding skin, crystal grinding skin, oxygen filling water.
  • 7) Frozen hammer: With the help of the alternation of cold and hot outside temperature, the essence and curative effect of the product can be exerted to a great extent, and the nutrient composition can quickly permeate between the skin base and the dermis. When decomposing and inhibiting melanin, it can provide a large amount of water and nutrients, and improve the elasticity of collagen fiber. With the physical effect of alternating hot and cold temperature, it can reach the ice therapy to replenish water, deeply store water, highly absorb and tighten the skin.
  • 8) Bioelectricity handle: It can exercise and tighten eye muscles, enhance the elasticity of eye muscles, reduce eye wrinkles, tighten eye bags, relieve eye fatigue, and reduce dark circles. It can regulate cell, increase blood circulation, promote metabolism and fat decomposition of skin, and achieve permeability of the skin.
7. Parameters
  • Size:50*45*130cm
  • Weight:5.56kg
  • Level:Over five levels
  • Function:Facial import, microcurrent, warmth, negative ion
  • Efficacy:Skin tendering and whitening, marks of acne and pimples reparation, facial enhancement

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